Haslemere HouseKeepers

A different class of cleaner

Jane’s background is recruitment, customer service and event organising. Her skills for Haslemere HouseKeepers have come from the varied and fun career she has had over the last 20 years. She has a BSc(Hons) in Business from Sheffield University.

  • Regional Recruitment Manger for the South of England in Construction
  • Purser, Virgin Atlantic
  • Proprietor, NewAttitude (social networking company for 20 yrs plus) Advertising
  • Manager for 6 TV
  • Exhibition Manager, including Motor Show, Boat Show, Commercial Vehicle etc
  • Restaurant Manager, San Antoine, St Lucia

When Jane left Virgin Atlantic even Richard’s team happily endorsed her new venture, NewAttitude and wished her well. Still keeping in touch publishing her companies updates in Virgin’s newsletters.


Even local newspapers were interested in Jane’s venture and publicised her events and growth.

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